Aspiring designers have the chance to see the concept car of their dreams hit shelves globally as a Hot Wheels model thanks to the 2024 Polestar Design Contest.

For the last four years, Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar has been hosting an annual design contest allowing entrants to pitch their concept cars and other designs according to the brief presented by the company.

This year, the Volvo spin-off brand has teamed with Hot Wheels to up the ante, as the winner of the 2024 Polestar Design Contest will have their design turned into a diecast model sold worldwide.

The only limitation is that it needs to be able to be produced as a 1:64 model. Otherwise, entrants are encouraged to stretch their imagination and push performance and design boundaries, showcasing both exterior and interior, as well as the vehicle’s immediate surroundings in their submission which should embody “dreams [that are] not constrained by the boundaries of realism”.

Polestar’s head of design Maximilian Missoni stated: “Dreams have the power to inspire and transport us beyond what we thought possible. This is a chance for all participating designers to really push that Polestar envelope and let their imagination run riot.”

Entries will be shortlisted by Polestar and Hot Wheels design professionals, and those selected will be given the opportunity to have one-on-one coaching with Polestar’s design team to refine their designs for the final judgement.

The end result of this contest will mark the first Polestar design to be produced by Hot Wheels, with scaled-down versions of the brand’s other cars set to be produced at a later date. In addition to seeing their design hit the shelves across the globe, the winner will also score a tablet to assist with their studies or professional life and a selection of exclusive merchandise.

The 2022 and 2023 design contest winners included the ‘Lynx P3’ by Devashish Deshmukh, ‘Timeless Performance’ by Swapnil Desai, and the ‘Polestar Performance Stable’ by Yingxiang Li. Polestar turned these winning designs into reality with the Synergy concept car.

Other notable past designs include a car that deals with pollution by utilising external air filters, an helium-electric hybrid airship, prosthetic springboard blades, and a micro-space tree house. The contest gives talented individuals an opportunity to showcase their abilities, with many past entrants in going on to work for the Polestar Design team and other professional design firms around the world.

If you’re interested in submitting a design, entries open on March 5 and close April 16. The winner of this year’s competition will be revealed in the fourth quarter of 2024. You can find out more information about the brief and submit your designs by clicking here.

Shuqi Yu
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