Pininfarina – the Italian design house behind the lines of some of Ferrari’s finest models – is in the final stages of preparing its first solo effort, the all-electric Battista hypercar, for its 2020 launch.

First revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Battista is set to position itself as the fastest and most powerful car to ever emerge out of Italy when it finally hits public roads next year.

Propelled solely by electric power sent to all four wheels, the claimed figures are absolutely astonishing. Supposedly, it’ll serve up 1400kW and enough torque to shift tectonic plates with a maximum 2300Nm. Oh yeah, and it’ll supposedly hit 100km/h from a standstill in around 2 seconds.

The drivetrain, which is supplied by Rimac and shared with the Croatian company’s C_Two, includes the fitment of a T-shaped 120kWh battery that should see the Battista be good for 450km of driving on a full charge.

Since it was first shown back in March, Pininfarina has been busy refining the already gorgeous design having thrown it in the wind tunnel some more and getting busy with computer modelling software to fine-tune its aerodynamic characteristics, including reducing drag and increasing cooling.

As a result of this additional R&D to get the Battista to right where Pininfarina wants it, some minor styling tweaks have been made including a more aggressive front end and LaFerrari-style wing mirrors on thin stalks.

Currently, this tweaked model is set to be shown in person next month at its North American debut at the Monterey Car Week in the US, which will be running from August 9-18.

You can expect to see a few other new and upcoming models being previewed over the course of the week, which you’ll no doubt see us reporting on here, which will include another new model from Pininfarina – supposedly, an 800kW SUV sharing underpinnings with the Rivian R1 models.

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