Kia Motors has unveiled its new corporate logo and new global brand slogan as the South Korean company looks to establish its position as a leader in the future mobility industry.

Switching its familiar red oval logo with simple ‘KIΛ’ text in the middle, the new logo features more angular text written with a rhythmical, unbroken line intended to appear somewhat like a handwritten signature.

As is often the case with major corporate logos, there are some underlying messages intended to be drawn from it as well – its relative symmetry is intended to demonstrate confidence, for instance, while the rising gestures of the letters K and Λ are intended to “embody Kia’s rising ambitions for the brand.”

“Kia’s new logo represents the company’s commitment to becoming an icon for change and innovation”, said Ho Sung Song, Kia’s President and CEO, at at the unveiling of the company’s new corporate branding.

“The automotive industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and Kia is proactively shaping and adapting to these changes. Our new logo represents our desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry.” 

To usher in its new logo design, Kia staged a pyrotechnic display in Incheon, South Korea, which saw 303 drones launching fireworks in a synchronised display to form the company’s new logo in the skies – a feat impressive enough to have claimed the Guinness World Record for ‘Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launching fireworks simultaneously’.

In addition to the new logo, Kia has also opted to change out its old brand slogan – “The Power to Surprise” – for a new and more fitting moniker for its future direction, “Movement that inspires.”

Following on from the reveal of its new corporate branding, the company is set to divulge futher details about its new brand strategy, purpose, and philosophy – along with the application of this to its future product line-up – at the New Kia Brand Showcase event set to be streamed online on January 15, 2021.

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