Mazda Australia has announced that the company’s innovative Skyactiv-X M Hybrid powertrain is set to arrive Down Under just next month, first launching in the Mazda3 before later finding its way under the bonnet of the CX-30 the month after.

Offered initially only on the top-spec Astina grade for both models and charging a $3000 premium, the X20 drivetrain will be available in both hatch and sedan Mazda3 models with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, while in the CX-30 it will come paired with the auto and all-wheel drive.

Supercharged and displacing 2.0-litres, the Skyactiv-X engine claims power and torque outputs of 132kW and 224Nm, and fuel use of just 5.3L/100km with the manual gearbox or 6.4L/100km with the automatic on the WLTP test cycle.

The world’s first production petrol engine to exploit the benefits of diesel-like compression ignition – allowing it to achieve both the high-revving performance of a petrol engine with the fuel efficiency, torque, and response of a diesel – its Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) system allows the engine to switch seamlessly between spark ignition and compression ignition combustion.

With the system able to detect when the conditions are right or wrong for compression ignition – it can only happen under a certain amount of load and within a narrow temperature band – it allows the engine to run on a leaner air-fuel mixture for reduced emissions and, more importantly for your wallet, improved fuel consumption.

Additionally, models fitted with the Skyactiv-X engine will be the first Mazdas to feature a form of electrification with the fitment of a mild-hybrid system – that’s the ‘M Hybrid’ part of the unit’s full name – that utilises a belt-driven integrated starter generator (ISG) and a 24V lithium-ion battery to harvest energy that would be lost during deceleration, before feeding it back into the engine during acceleration with the ISG acting as an electric motor.

With both the X20-powered Mazda3 and CX-30 being based on the Astina grades, features such as 18-inch alloy wheels, 360-degree camera, adaptive LED headlights, powered glass sunroof, heated seats with leather upholstery, and premium Bose audio also carry over to those fitted with the new Skyactiv-X engine.

Pricing for the Mazda3 X20 starts at $40,590 for both the hatch and sedan, while the CX-30 X20 is priced at $46,490.

The Mazda3 X20 will hit Aussie dealerships in August, with the CX-30 X20 set to follow in September.

2020 Mazda3 Hatch and Sedan pricing:

  • G20 Pure – MT: $25,590 / AT: $26,590
  • G20 Evolve – MT: $27,290 / AT: $28,290
  • G20 Touring – MT: $29,590 / AT: $30,590
  • G25 Evolve – MT: $30,090 / AT: $31,090
  • G25 GT – MT: $34,090 / AT: $35,090
  • G25 Astina – MT: $37,590 / AT: $38,590
  • X20 Astina – MT: $40,590 / AT: $41,590

2020 Mazda CX-30 pricing:

  • G20 Pure FWD – $29,990
  • G20 Evolve FWD – $31,490
  • G20 Touring FWD – $34,990
  • G25 Touring FWD – $36,490
  • G25 Touring AWD – $38,490
  • G20 Astina FWD – $38,990
  • G25 Astina FWD – $41,490
  • G25 Astina AWD – $43,490
  • X20 Astina AWD – $46,490
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