German tuning house Manhart Performance, while seemingly able to extract colossal power from just about anything it gets its hand on, is known to focus mostly on hotting-up BMWs, which is why it may come as no surprise that it has now turned its attention to the new BMW Z4-based Toyota Supra.

The menacing Manhart Supra GR 450 is what it has come up with, and a big clue to how much power it’s making lies in its name, as the Supra’s B58 3.0-litre straight-six has been turned up to 450hp (336kW) and 650Nm – increases of 110hp (82kW) and 150Nm respectively.

Starting out by remapping the ECU and adding one of the company’s MHtronik Powerboxes, an in-house developed valved stainless steel exhaust, stainless steel OPF-delete pipes, and a downpipe that deletes the catalytic converter are also fitted to help open the straight six up – although, it should be noted, a lack of TÜV approval means the cat delete is only available for export models.

Also optionally available is a different exhaust system with four 100mm black tips, and a downpipe that features a 300-cell high-flow HJS catalytic converter.

To help it handle this newfound power, Manhart has retuned the suspension as well, along with fitting it with the customer’s choice of either H&R lowering springs or a set of three-way adjustable coilovers from KW Suspensions.

It’s worth noting though that the standard Supra brakes are still used, although Manhart will work with customers to fit their choice of upgraded brakes upon request.

To finish the look of it off, Manhart has fitted a staggered set of its own in-house-designed 20-inch Concave One wheels, with the fronts measuring in at 9-inches wide, and the rears at 10.5-inches. A set of decals are also applied all over the body of the car, as well as some red pinstriping on the front lip and side skirts.

With the new Supra having been designed from the ground up to be a tuner-friendly car, it’s no surprise we’re already seeing a lot of hotted-up examples coming along, and you can expect to keep seeing them coming.

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