Drive Section has been operational since mid-2019, and we’re incredibly proud to say that we’ve built up a strong readership in that time, almost entirely through organic growth alone.

Now, though, we’re wanting to interact more with our audience to build up a sense of community, and speak directly and openly with readers to gain their feedback and feelings about the website and our content. We’ve been doing this through syndicating our content on DriveTribe for the past two years, but that platform is now, very sadly, coming to an end.

That’s why we’re incredibly pleased to announce the launch of the official Drive Section Discord server! To access it, you simply need to do the following:

  1. Follow this invite link –
  2. Create a Discord account if you do not have one already.
  3. Complete a text Captcha to verify that you are a real human. You’ll need to do this before you are able to send messages and see the server’s contents.
  4. That’s it!

We have a multitude of chat channels in the server for you to communicate directly with the Drive Section editorial team and other readers, with room for discussion about the site and it’s content, along with other, more casual and social topics as well.

The server will also function as an interactive newsletter – we’ll notify you of new content on the site as it goes live through the New Articles channel. (Don’t worry, we promise we won’t spam you excessively!)

We’re also excited to announce that some of our valued Content Partners – other Australian websites we have been working together with closely over the past years – will also be able to share their content with you through their own channels in the server as well, with Exhaust Notes Australia and Defining Drives the first two to be doing so with us.

To keep the conversations we foster there going on the site, and to attract those not in the server to engage with us as well, we have also incorporated Disqus commenting on the site. It’s the same comment platform many other automotive websites use, so if you’ve created an account and commented there, you’ll easily be able to here as well!

We thank you for your support since the launch of this proudly independent site, and look forward to engaging with you, our readers, even more closely going forward.

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