Drive Section wishes to acknowledge the ongoing pandemic currently engulfing Australia and the rest of the world regarding the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, and make note of how this current and ongoing situation will affect this website’s operations.

As an Australian-based publication, we wish to echo the sentiments of Australia’s national and state leaders, and indeed many other world leaders, in urging people to remain at home, with the exception of leaving for essential reasons. With the publication of this statement coinciding with the upcoming Easter long weekend, we also endorse the government’s directions for Australians to stay at home and not undertake holiday travel at this time.

We encourage you to research the advice and regulations that pertain to you where you live, with many of these details available through the Australian Government Department of Health’s website.

While the exact definition of ‘essential travel’ varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, from the research we here at Drive Section have done, we would suggest the only valid reasons for leaving the house at this current time would consist of going to an essential job or to do work that cannot be completed from home, going to purchase essential supplies from places such as supermarkets and pharmacies, providing assistance to a vulnerable person while following social distancing stipulations as closely as possible, or for the purposes of getting exercise, again with the proviso of following social distancing measures as closely as possible.

In relation to the production of content for Drive Section, we will be following directions to work from home where it is possible, which is already the case for the vast majority of our operations, such as the writing of articles and editing of videos.

The instances where it is not possible for us to complete work from home pertains to the collection of vehicles for the purposes of road-testing, and photography and videography of said vehicles we have been provided.

As such, Drive Section and its authors commit to only leaving the house to complete work where it is absolutely necessary, and commit to following all social distancing protocols where relevant, particularly when collecting test vehicles where interaction with one other person is typically required. The majority of our work that cannot be completed from home is typically able to be completed by only one person, and will be done as such at this current stage.

We also wish to point out that we will not be engaging in any interstate, overseas, or long-distance travel within South Australia where we are based until further notice, with this pertaining to launch events for new vehicles and production of regular features such as our Essential Drives travel feature series.

All road-testing that Drive Section does complete at this time will see us remaining as close to home as possible, with us only covering distances as necessary as possible to complete our road-testing, photography, and videography of the cars we have on test.

Through liaising with many of the companies that provide us with vehicles to test, we wish to point out that additional cleaning and sanitations procedures are taking place prior to us and other individuals and publications collecting these vehicles, and we will ensure our own cleaning and sanitation procedures are followed prior to us handing back the keys.

It is worth noting, though, that with a decrease in the availability of test vehicles from manufacturers at this time, we may not publish content quite as regularly and prevalently as you may be used to, but rest assured that we will still publish as much as we are able to during this time as we hope to be able to provide something for you to enjoy.

On that note, we wish to point out that some of the testing we have conducted for recently-published reviews, such as testing seven-seat vehicles at full occupant capacity, was undertaken prior to the announcement of increased social distancing measures. We also wish to note that our travel to the Barossa Valley region for testing and photography for another article was undertaken prior to a number of COVID-19 cases being traced back to a winery in the region on March 14.

So, again, please follow all relevant directions from your local authorities regarding travel at this time and adhere to social distancing measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Drive Section Staff
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