Little-known Bulgarian tech start-up Alieno has supposedly confirmed that it’s Arcanum hypercar is set to enter production, with the company now taking pre-orders for the unfathomably powerful all-electric car.

Despite the fact no real examples have yet been produced, with it merely being shown as a set of renders first previewed two years ago, the company is making some bold claims for the Arcanum, which is set to be priced at €1.5 million.

The company is claiming some truly big numbers for the car, despite no confirmation that they’d ever be achievable with current EV technology – supposedly it will feature 24 individual electric motors – six to drive each wheel – with claimed power outputs of 3893kW (5221bhp, which Alieno incorrectly states equates to 3840kW) and 8880Nm, which are numbers that do, truly, beggar belief.

Furthermore, it claims a top speed of 488km/h and range of up to 1020km per charge with its 180kWh ‘Street Battery Pack’. Additionally, it claims that its 60kWh ‘Race Battery Pack’ can charge from empty to full in an improbable 10 minutes.

The company also claims that the suspension, brakes, and active aerodynamics, along with convenience features such as the seats, mirrors, and airconditioning will be controlled autonomously, somehow.

To accompany the announcement of it supposedly opening the order books, Alieno has revealed its first mock-ups of the Arcanum’s interior, which features a vast array of screens across its dashboard, two cupholders which can be optioned up to four with heating and cooling, and claims to be able to comfortably accomodate those standing at over 6’7″.

Externally, the model first shown in 2018 draws its inspiration from sharks, stingrays, Darth Vader’s helmet, and a range of planes including the F-22 Raptor, F-117 Night Hawk, and the SR-71 Blackbird. Without the company needing to spell it out, there’s clearly some Lamborghini influence in there, too.

Supposedly, examples of the Arcanum could be delivered to customers within 18 months if the company is to be believed, and similarly, it would be the most powerful, fast, and efficient, EV on sale if its claims are to be believed, too. Those are some mighty big ‘ifs’, though.

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