Ford has revealed what could well be its most polarising vehicle to pony car enthusiasts but potentially its biggest hit with future-thinkers: an all-electric Mustang SUV. Yes, really.

Dubbed the Mustang Mach-E, the coupe-like SUV is set to be the Blue Oval’s rival to the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and upcoming Tesla Model Y.

Although very un-Mustang-like aside from the pony on the front and signature design elements like the triple rectangle taillights, be glad that it is what it is – there were serious considerations from Ford of making this a dull, dreary, front-wheel drive appliance.

Instead, what it has actually materialised as is another hilariously quick all-electric SUV. Sure, that might not be the first thing you’d associate the famed Mustang name and badge with – in fact, it’s probably the last thing most would think of as a ‘Stang – but such is the way the world is heading, and obviously not without good reason. And besides, to compete with Tesla, Ford needed something as cool as one, and with the Mustang being that iconic name on every Ford fan’s lips, it just kind of makes sense, even though it seems like it shouldn’t.

Set to be offered in as many as five variants eventually, just two will be available at launch – Premium and First Edition, the former set to be available with either standard or extended range batteries and a choice of rear or all-wheel drive, while the latter will be extended range all-wheel drive exclusively.

The Mach-E’s driving range will, err, range from 210 miles (338km) for standard range all-wheel drive models, and as far as 300 miles (483km) in extended range rear-drive versions. More importantly, perhaps, power will range from 255 to 332 horsepower (190 to 247kW) in the initial variants, but much faster California Route 1 and GT models with 459hp and 612 lb-ft (342kW and 830Nm) are set to arrive in 2021.

With 50/50 weight distribution, Ford is confident that the Mach-E will be the best handling SUV it offers when it hits the market, and it also notes that all-wheel drive models will be quicker in a straight line than the equivalent Porsche Macan, with acceleration times front 0-60mph (0-97km/h) ranging from as much as 6.5 seconds all the way down to 3.5 seconds for the GT.

On the technology front, the Mach-E should easily be able to keep up with the competition thanks to a whopping 15.5-inch portrait-oriented infotainment system running the latest version of Ford’s OS, Sync 4. It’s set to have what Ford is calling ‘Level 2.5’ autonomous driving capabilities, although while the hardware to support it will be fitted from launch, the functionality will be delivered at a later date as part of an over-the-air update.

While pricing in the States is set to range from US$43,895–60,500 (A$64,460–88,845) there’s no Australian price tag to mention here instead because there are no plans for this thing to make its way Down Under, and it’s not like Ford Australia can make its own version of something we can’t have this time around like it did with the Mustang Spec R. For those with access to it, expect initial deliveries to be made in late 2020.

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