About Us

Drive Section was founded in June 2019 with the aim of delivering high-quality automotive and travel content that is produced completely independently and is totally unbiased.

From in-depth written and video reviews of both the newest cars to hit the market and past classics, the latest news in the automotive world that matters to enthusiasts and casual car fans alike, and features on the best driving roads Australia and the rest of the world have to offer – all delivered with a side-serving of creative photography and videography that showcases the beautiful vistas we encounter on our travels – producing creative content is our greatest passion.

Started by Patrick Jackson, an Adelaide-based motoring journalist with over four years of extensive experience producing content for a variety of radio, print, and online publications, what is currently a very small operation is something we hope to grow into a go-to reliable source of automotive knowledge, and a companion – not a competitor – to the variety of other automotive publications out there, because as we see it, the more top-notch motoring content the better.

Currently, Drive Section operates primarily out of Adelaide, South Australia, but, where possible, we like to explore, gain insight into, and celebrate as many other parts of Australia and the rest of the world as we can, as cars and travel go hand-in-hand.

We are proud to be 100 percent independently owned and operated as independence is crucial to providing truly unbiased journalism. We will never accept any form of payment from a car manufacturer, any other company, or any individual in return for writing a positive review of a car or any other product.

To further ensure you are aware of anything that is provided to us, we will be sure to make a note of it wherever it’s relevant – from acknowledging who has lent us a car for the purpose of testing and for how long, any expenses such as tolls or fuel that have been paid for, any services that may have been provided by other businesses to assist with the production of our content, and even if we find ourselves being flown to the launch event for a new vehicle, we’ll happily disclose that information so that you’re aware of it, and so that you have the knowledge that it has not affected our evaluation of a vehicle or any other product in any way.

We hope you’ll accompany us as this site continues to grow and produce more content that builds up enthusiasm for the world of cars and travel, and inspires and informs our readers. We hope you enjoy and learn from all the great content we have all across this website so far and what we have in the pipeline, and thank you for your support across social media, too – on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Important Updates:

April 9, 2020: Please click here to read the official statement from Drive Section regarding our response to the current coronavirus crisis and the way in which it will affect our content and operations.